Day 161- June 10, 2013
Things Since Forgotten. 
It’s a well known fact Lj and myself are eccentric. And with our eccentricities comes odd trinkets stowed away in our treasure boxes. 
Lj’s- These we’re my Grandad’s cuff links that he gave to my dad when he got married and my dad gave them to me when I got married. It’s turned into a legacy that I’ll pass down to my son. 
Diana- This empty box of raisins dates back to my Sophomore year of college in Design Seminar, the theatre class we thought would be the end of us kids. We spent countless late nights rendering, drafting and making light plots. One night someone brought in raisins and I guess I thought the box was cute and I kept it. But it’s a reminder of some of the best college experiences I ever had. #beardandbangs #marriage #vscocam #afterlight #trinkets #cufflinks #legacy #handmedowns #college #theatre #rememberwhen #thelittlethings #eccentricities
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