Day 365- December 31, 2013
What Are You Doin’ New Year’s.. New Year’s Eve. 
Today is the last photo of our 365 Beard & Bangs photo adventure! We spent our New Years with friends at Whiskey Bar followed by egg nog, champagne and fireworks. We have had a trying, fun, adventurous, and incredibly blessed 2013. We have moved twice, found amazing jobs and cultivated wonderful friendships. Thank you to all who have followed along with us on this journey. We have thoroughly enjoyed your feedback and hearing what our photos have meant to you. 
This is definitely not the last you’ll hear from us. We will continue to post about the goings on and what this next year holds. 
God bless and may you have an incredible New Year. 
With Love,
- Lj & Diana Gays #beardandbangs #marriage #vscocam #afterlight #finale #newyearseve #happynewyear

12.31.13 @ 23:59

Day 364- December 30, 2013
One Day More!!
I had my usual Monday of cleaning up the house and started on some of my sewing to do list for myself. Lj went to work as he does every Monday and when he came home for lunch there was a little package from The Loves at our doorstep. We received our very own Pinecone Elves, a fox ornament and a package of the most addicting snack I’ve ever tasted: Beaver Nuggets by Buc-Eees! Thanks Loves! 
Lj started a daily record book called The Standard Memorandum which was a  common practice for men during the 1950s. He will record the daily goings on in his life this year instead of through photos. You can get your own at Word. notebooks. #beardandbangs #marriage #afterlight

12.30.13 @ 23:00

Day 363- December 29, 2013
Take Me Home, Country Road. 
We took a drive out to the country today to pick up Lj’s deer stand and stroll the woods. While out there we talked about how back in the day people cut down trees, built their own homes and harvested their own food (well some of them). It is one of our hopes to have a garden and be able to gain knowledge and skill to be self sustaining. 
Also, here is to my Grandma on her birthday! She is the only one Lj and I have left and miss and love her! Happy Birthday G-Ma! #beardandbangs #afterlight #vscocam #marriage

12.29.13 @ 21:471

Day 362- December 28, 2013
Spring Cleaning in December. 
Lj is finally starting to feel like his old self again, after feeling like poo for an entire week. We have started watching Supernatural and put away a few episodes before we tackled cleaning out our closets. We have been replacing some older clothes with new ones, but have neglected to throw out the old. So today we had a massive pile of clothes to donate and a very tidy closet. Go Team Gay! #beardandbangs #marriage #vscocam #afterlight #springcleaning #saturdays

12.28.13 @ 19:57

Day 361- December 27, 2013
3 Words: After Christmas Sale. 
It is generally known I’m incredibly frugal and proud of it. So one thing I delight in is “after holiday shopping”. You can get so much more bang for your buck. I took advantage of all the sales and clearance today and came home with about 10 bags of decorations for next year. Because we hope to be in our “own” home next year, I wanted to make sure we had decorations for it. I picked up this beautiful star (50% off!) to hang outside next year. #beardandbangs #marriage #nofliter

12.28.13 @ 19:541

Day 360- December 26, 2013
Favorite Things. 
Lj and I were both blessed beyond measure with our gifts this year, such generosity from both our families. We agree we each have good listening skills because we’ve both mentioned on more than one occasion what we would like this year. Lj picked out this amazing “Southwestern sweater” for me (which I’ve been wanting one like this for quite some time) and I got him one of his favorite bands on vinyl: The Avett Brothers “I and Love and You”. #beardandbangs #marriage #vscocam #afterlight #christmas #awesomehusband #newmexico #avettebrothers

12.28.13 @ 19:421

359- December 25, 2013
Happy Christmas!
We shared a wonderful Christmas with Lj’s family and opened gifts, read the Christmas story and watched Christmas movies. Doesn’t get too much better than that. And with only 6 days left in our Beard and Bangs photo project, we will be printing a big album for ourselves to remember this crazy year.  #beardandbangs #marriage #vscocam #afterlight #merrychristmas #christmas #christmascheer

12.26.13 @ 08:45

Day 358- December 24, 2013
Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire…
Happy Christmas Eve from The Gays! We celebrated in true Gay fashion with a wonderful spread of amazing food prepared by my fabulous Ma-in-law. We attended a candlelight service and came home to watch A Christmas Story with some pumpkin pie and egg nog. #beardandbangs #marriage #vscocam #afterlight #christmas #christmascheer #Christmaseve #fireside #woods

12.24.13 @ 23:05

Day 357- December 23, 2013
I’ll be Home for Christmas.. If Only in my Dreams. 
We have spent the past few days in North Georgia in Lj’s parent’s wonderful mountain cabin. The weather has been turning increasingly cold and we love getting cozy by the fire. Lj has been very sick since we got here and Linda and I have been working hard to get him well. At least he’s home for Christmas. It’s a switch off for us each year being our families are 1000 miles apart. But I always feel loved with The Gays. But I never neglect to think of my wonderfully crazy family. Love and miss you all. #beardandbangs #marriage #vscocam #afterlight #christmas #christmascheer #illbehomeforchristmas #family #woods #greatoutdoors #mountains

12.24.13 @ 20:452

Day 356- December 22, 2013
Frosty The Snowman!
We bummed it up with our niece Lexi today. We made a Rice Crispy Treat snowman, watched 3 Christmas movies and had a toasty warm fire. These are some of my favorite days of Christmas vacation.   #beardandbangs #marriage #vscocam #afterlight #fireside #frosty #favoritethings #christmascheer #christmas

12.24.13 @ 10:131